Our Objective

Our Objectives

To render assistance to poor patients by making provisions for medical assistance healthcare and preventive medical services. To render assistance to the Physically handicapped. To provide monetary aid and humanitarian services in times of natural calamities. To promote advance moral education, charity and general welfare of the people. To render assistance to orphaned, indigent and other less privileged children for their subsistence, shelter, education and medical care to establish social welfare institutions engaged in promoting these specific objectives.

To provide basic education to under privilege child.

To provide vocational training for women's, to develop skills on tailoring and embroidery, handicrafts, beauty courses, computer education, etc.

To provide employment opportunities to the disabled and the needy.

To provide cloths and food to needy and poor people.

To establish and run School, medical center and charitable hospital for providing maximum medical assistance to needy and poor.

To provide value based education for all.

To provide treatment and awareness amenities to HIV, STD and AIDS patients.

To provide financial and medical assistance for poor patients treatment and surgeries, such as open heart surgery, cancer treatment, eye surgery, AIDS, etc.

To provide financial support in marriages to orphan/poor girls.