About Us

About Us

Noor Jahan Memorial Education and Charitable Trust is a non-profit, charitable trust has been working towards helping underprivileged children with focus on Girl child to meet their dreams true by education and have a better life like most other children in society.

What We Do

We motivate children to live with their dreams, by providing formal & informal education. Trust is also working on to provide nutritious food, books, stationary and uniform. Periodic health check-up is also conducted by trust to identity serious medical threats to children and co-ordinate with parents and government agencies for adequate treatment. We also help children to get educational sponsorship by corporate and individuals to support higher studies.

The Journey So Far…

  • 1. The platform to hosts information about Caregivers that have been crowd sourced by Volunteers.
  • 2. Created Platform for unique visitors searching for help.
  • 3. Creating online directory of caregivers who are working to end violence against women and children in India.

Our Ambition:

  • 1. Improve our platform and make it more user friendly and accessible.
  • 2. Add 100 caregivers by the end of 2018
  • 3. Integrate Volunteering and Donate options for 50 caregivers.

Violence Against Women Help

Thousands of Women and Children in India who are Survivors of Violence at their homes, office, streets are searching the internet to find help and support to deal with the shock and trauma. They are afraid to go to the police because of the associated social taboos and perceptions.
  • 1. Survivors can Effortlessly Find Information about caregivers that is accessible, verified, credible and relevant
  • 2. Caregivers can easily create a profile on the platform and get themselves verified and become accessible to Survivors and Supporters
  • 3. Supporters will be able to easily find caregivers and connect with them to volunteer and donate.