Who We Are?

Noor Jahan Memorial Education & Charitable Trust works to bring about change in the lives of children, young people and vulnerable individuals. We educate children, provide Education and train young people and women in skills for livelihoods.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to bring hope to those with none and change the lives of everyone we work with, including our staff, donors, volunteers and partners.

Girls Child Education

Education is the only tool with which a girl or a woman can empower herself and eventually her family..

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Womens Empowerment

Where happy women mean prospering families, empowered women mean uplifted communities...

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Disaster Response

We focused on children and their families, responds to the call of humanity in times of such calamities under its Disaster Response programme...

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Old Age Women Health Care

We are provide Women healthcare services to meet the immediate health care needs of the marginalized community in remote rural areas and slums through standalone camps...

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Volunteers are the backbone of every organization.

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Educate a Child

Education is both the means as well as the end to a better life

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From making a difference in a child’s life to uplifting a community.

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Sustainable change will not happen. We encourage and invite volunteers to be an active part of our organization and share the same vision and purpose as us – to work for the welfare of children and their families. Volunteers are the backbone of every organization – they not only carry the organization’s ideals within them, but also spread the message far and beyond, sensitizing the society towards the cause.

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Our Activities

Girls Child Education

Education is a national level programme of Noor Jahan Memorial Education & Charitable Trust, which is committed to providing basic education and healthcare to underprivileged children. Noor Jahan Memorial believes that whether you are addressing healthcare, poverty, population control, unemployment or human rights.
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Girls Child Women Empowerment

Various studies, as well as our experience, have shown that when we help women and empower them, the whole society benefits. Their families are healthier, children go to school, income levels improve and communities become more prosperous. But unfortunately in India, far from being empowered, most women are denied even their basic rights.
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Training Programs

Noor Jahan Memorial Education & Charitable Trust conducts training and workshop for skill development. Its objective to develop understanding of gender construction among young people and to help them devise strategies to combat gendered inequalities. Training are organized with young people working with Trust and with Girls/Womens of Noor Jahan Memorial.
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Skill Development

The Skill Development Programme of leadership development model for girls/women, who have a keen interest in working in the development arena, and are dedicated to build a world in which women and girls from marginalized sections, especially Single Mother is able to live a life of dignity. These interns, through the Internship Programme, are able to develop their leadership abilities and Skill professional.
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Disaster Response

Noor Jahan Memorial Education & Charitable Trust, with its welfare interventions focused on children and their families, responds to the call of humanity in times of such calamities under its Disaster Response programme.Noor Jahan Memorial has acted promptly to reach out and respond to the immediate needs of the disaster affected people, while also maintaining a sustainable approach to help them .
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Old Age Woman Health Care

The elderly, who have provided their services and support to the society, feel unloved and neglected at this phase of their lives. Their deteriorating physical strength and other geriatric illnesses add to their difficulties. Their often poor financial condition, lack of affordable health care and the general neglect by society. Dedicated to improving the status for India’s senior citizens
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Livelihood Programmes

Noor Jahan Memorial Education & Charitable Trust believes in helping individuals live a life of dignity. To achieve this, our livelihood programmes focuses on generating sustainable livelihoods. This is done through capacity building, fostering community links and promoting small businesses. Noor Jahan Memorial puts special focus on entrepreneurial ventures, which are owned by women. Through its livelihood programmes promotes microfinance.

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Empowering Grassroots

Realizing this potential, many genuine organisations have been playing a crucial role in the social and economic growth of the nation, also empowering the bottom of the social and economic pyramid. But their good intentions and hard work are often hindered by various challenges – from unprepared leadership to organisational anomalies, from inadequate resources to an inability to communicate effectively with their target audience.

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Special Support Programs

Noor Jahan Memorial Education & Charitable Trust constantly strives to support and empower individuals, particularly underprivileged children enabling them to meet basic ambitions of their life and realize their potential, make informed choices, resist oppression for them. Support for education and health is also provided to recognize those children who have performed outstanding deeds of bravery and selfless sacrifices including bravery award winners.

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